With over half a million podcasts in your space, and nearly half of those are consumed in vehicles or in the home, it is crucial to have well crafted, smooth, quality audio. With over a decade of experience and a thirst to improve the worlds audio, I'm certain we can make your podcast the standard.



Starting a podcast is quite simple, I'll guide you through the steps to get you rolling

  1. The basic to advance explanation of how to start
  2. What gear to use
  3. How to engineer your podcasts audio
  4. What to do when the podcast is over 

Wanna go pro?

  1. Upgrade gear
  2. Advance audio engineering
  3. Video

What I can do for your podcast?

  1. Remove background noises
  2. Editing out mistakes, uhs, ums and other unwanted human noises
  3. EQ vocals to sound more natural
  4. Volume leveling for multiple vocals
  5. Applying music, sponsors, intro’s, outro’s, etc 
  6. Mastering the audio file for optimal loudness
  7. Uploading to the host with show notes, your artwork and ID3 tags (upon-request)
  8. Sync and edit your audio to video


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